GIS Map of Islamabad/Rawalpindi (ESRI Format)

Islamabad (Meaning “Abode of Islam”) is the capital of Pakistan, and is the tenth largest city in Pakistan. The Rawalpindi/Islamabad metropolitan area is the third largest in Pakistan with a population of over 4.5 million inhabitants, 1,875,000 million in Islamabad and three million in Rawalpindi.

Islamabad is one of the greenest and most well-planned cities of South Asia. The city is well-organized and divided into different sectors and zones. Islamabad is also home to the Faisal Masjid which is well known for its architectural beauty and immense size. Islamabad has been ranked as a Gamma world city, as of 2008”, Read More>>image














Country Pakistan
Territory Islamabad Capital Territory
Constructed 1960s
Union Council 40 UC
Area Total 906.50 km2 (350 sq mi)
Highest elevation 1,604 [1] m (5,263 ft)
Lowest elevation 457 m (1,499 ft)
Population (2009) 1,875,000
Population Density 1,243/km2 (3,219.4/sq mi)
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
Postal Code 44000
Area code(s) 51
Website Islamabad’s Official Website


Here, We present a street level GIS map of Islamabad city containing line, point and polygonal features. Coverage and Road hierarchy is visible even from the picture below.


Points Shape file:

About 744 places of interest are identified on map by Name and categories according to their use. The details are given in the table below:

Layer Objects
Bank 15
Cemetery 1
Church 79
County 96
Hospital 21
Landmark 2
School 86
Shopping 84
Stadium 5
State 5
Tower 31
Other Point Features 318

Lines Shape file:

This layer includes 4987 line features which represent arterial roads, collector roads, residential streets, major highways, alleys, railway routes, airport runways, and water streams. A summary of these features is given below:

Layer Objects
Airport Runway 2
Alley or Driveway 9
Collector Road 5
Interstate 31
Major Roads/ Highway 76
Railroad, Class 1A 31
Residential Road 4166
River, Unknown Length 5
State Highway 637
Trail 14

Polygones Shape files:

In this shape file, Polygonal features inlcude sectors and small metropolitan areas, lakes and city park.

Screen shot below shows a zoom in view where all points, lines and polygonal features can be seen with the level of detail.image











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