Pakistan Flood 2010, Water Extent from MODIS 12-29 Aug 2010

This geo-database is an effort of Mountain GeoPortal ICIMOD and includes the shapefiles of Water extent of 2010 flood in Pakistan. The flood water extent have been calculated from MODIS Images dating 12 August 2010 to 29 Aug 2010 on daily basis.

Pak Flood Extent 12-29 Aug 2010

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GIS Map of Bus Routes in Lahore

Mirza Muhammad Waqar form University of the Punjab is working on a project related to GIS mapping of various public transport routes in Lahore. He has generously shared his field data collected through primary surveys using GPS device. It includes the Bus Route Lines and Bus Stops Locations.

The GIS layers include the following routes:

  1. ABC Bus Route 36 (Chungi Amar Sadu to Daroghawala)
  2. ABC Bus Route 44 (Daroghawala to Old Ravi Pull)
  3. Baloch Bus Service Route 20 (Old Ravi Pull to Bagrian)
  4. Bashir Hussain Bus Route 21
  5. Bashir Hussain Bus Route 43
  6. Daewoo City Bus Route 11 (Green Town to Station)
  7. Green City Bus Route 10 (Railway Station to NFC Housing Scheme)
  8. New Khan Bus Route 3
  9. New Khan Bus Route 4
  10. New Khan Bus Route 1 (Sanda to RZ Bazar)
  11. New Khan Bus Route 17 (Railway Station to Jallo Pind)
  12. New Khan Bus Route 22 (Jallo Mor to Thokar Niaz Beig)
  13. Premier Bus Route 12-A (Railway Station to Yohanabad)
  14. Premier Bus Route 14 (RA Bazar to Bagrian)
  15. Premier Bus Route 19



Data is available in ESRI Shape file formats.

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