Understanding Geographic Information Systems

Pakistan GIS is offering GIS training courses for beginners interested in learning concepts and applications of GIS in different spheres of life. “Understanding Geographic Information Systems” is an introductory training being organized for students and professionals who stand at primary level in the field of GIS and want to enhance their learning about the subject.

This course is a perfect mix of theoretical and practical sessions particularly designed for people who are looking for their capacity enhancement in evening time in Islamabad.


Contact Details: pakgis@pakistangis.org
0333 461 490 5
House 162, Street 91, I 8/4, Islamabad, Pakistan
Dates and Timings:
21-25 May 2012
06:00 PM to 09:00 PM
Registration Fee:
Normal     = Rs. 6000 PKR
Students  = Rs. 5500 PKR
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Airline Route Mapper

Airline Route Mapper is a Windows program for exploring route maps of over 550 airlines. You can search by airports or airlines.


Originally available at http://arm.64hosts.com/