Street Level GIS Map of Sheikhupura

This map has been been prepared by Ihsan Nawaz and Muhammad Nadeem under our supervision. They are Urban Planners from Department of City & Regional Planning, University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore.

Methodology Adopted:

Street level mapping has been completed using high resolution images (0.6-1m) from  Google Earth dating October 12, 2009. Detailed process is mentioned in the tutorial HERE.

  1. Data Layers:
  • Primary Roads
  • Secondary Roads
  • Tertiary Roads/ Streets
  • Water Bodies
  • Railway Lines
  • Points of Interest (Hospitals, Educational Buildings, Public Buildings, Mosques etc)
  • Area features (Parks, open spaces, Built up areas etc)

   2.    Coverage:

  • 115.70 Square Kilometer

Sheikhupura GIS


Data is available in KML and ESRI Shape file formats.

Get Data:
If you want to acquire this data, use the Request Data Form to share your research and need of this data.

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