WebGIS Expert Required in Islamabad (17 June 2011)

The Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources is looking for an WebGIS expert in Islamabad.

Knowledge & Skills:

1. Master in GIS or Computer Science
2. Excellent ArcGIS Skills
3. CMS skills
4. WebGIS/Webmapping skills and WebGIS project references
5. Good communication skills, in English

Applications are invited with following details:
List of recent GIS and WebGIS related jobs performed, availability during next 1 month
Contact Information

Send your applications to ingo.hoelzle@bgr.de as early as possible.

Note: This information has been shared by Ingo Hoelzle through a comment HERE. PakGIS is not responsible for any dealings between applicant and employer. We are sharing information about availability of jobs or openings in different organization so that others may benefit from that.

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