GIS Digitizers Required

  • Job Location: Islamabad
  • Country: Pakistan
  • Positions: 2
  • Job Type: Contractual (Short Term 10-15 Days)
  • Department: GIS
  • Last Date: 13 March, 2011

Education, Knowledge, Skills, Abilities

  1. B.A, BSc with GIS Skills acquired through GIS degree or short courses
  2. Previous experience in  Image digitization using ArcGIS (at least for 1 year). Experience in extracting/ developing base layers from satellite images (Natural Color LandSAT) will be an added advantage.
  3. Should be able to perform data management functions in ArcGIS, such as developing layers, managing data attributes, shape files management etc.

  4. Must have experience of cleaning polygonal files, removing sliver polygons and other digitizing errors

  5. Good communication skills, in English

Applications are invited with following details;

  1. List of recent GIS related jobs performed, details of digitizing tasks and availability during next 1 month

Contact Information

Send your applications to by latest 13th March, 2011

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